~A love story~

I saw her,

Sitting under a Gulmohar tree.

Her hair flowing freely,

Like a graceful waterfall reaching her back.

Her eyes reflecting the morning sun,

Her smile making me stall.

She was barefoot.

Clothed in a white dress.

She seemed so bright,

Exuding love, breaking the night.

And here I was,

At a distance, she couldn’t see.

Obscured in the shadows,

Where the sun hadn’t reached.

I slowly stepped into the light,

Reluctant. Afraid.

Afraid, because she was too bright,

For a soul so dark like me.

I started towards her,


Afraid, I might frighten her.

The closer I got,

The brighter she seemed.

“Excuse me!”, I called.

I stammer,

” I-i s-saw you sitting alone…

A-a-are you ok?”

Confused, she nodded.

A stranger I was,

Yet she offered me a place.

I sat,

At a distance.

She looked at me,

With her eyes unfathomable.

“who are you?”, She asked.

Her voice like a Nightingale singing.

“I am someone you know,

Someone everyone knows.

Yet feared by everyone.

I exist”, I answered feebly.

We talked.

The sun rose high.

We laughed.

The day passing by.

We moved closer.

The sky changing its hues.

We sat, our fingers entwined.

The horizon embracing​ the sun.

There was now a silence.

As I looked into her eyes.

I saw my reflection in her eyes.


My eyes, red.

My head covered.

My smile, twisted.

I remembered who I was.

I broke away.

Yet she held me.

Never letting me go.

She embraced me.

When no one else could Stand the sight of me.

My cold skin could feel her warmth.

My coarse hands could feel her soft touch.

And I could feel myself smiling.

I _was_ smiling.

For I was finally one with her.

I was with her,

As the dusk now dissolved into the night.

Although I was death,

Life was the one who embraced me.

Although I was oblivion,

Memories remembered me.

– Syed Shabbir Ahmad

#Freeverse #Death #Poem #English #Life