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Withered Autumns yet Agents of Spring

Growing up, trips had been a major part of my life. One of the best things I’ve learnt from my father is to travel as much as you can, as long as you can. My father never believed in big time savings. As soon as he would have saved enough for a trip, he’d spend it all. Whenever I asked him about savings, all he had to say was, “These are our savings. This luxury of being happy together 24×7 for every six months is how I get the energy to work for the other 6 months.” He says that he never had any long time materialistic goals. Nothing like wanting to buy a fancy car or any wish to buy an expensive pair of shoes. His goals which made him work hard were as simple as my yearly school fees, my birthday dress, weekly petrol for bike, monthly groceries and saving for these trips. He has always believed and lived in the present. I hope I can do the same one day. That’s how it is with fathers. You might misinterpret and say they sort of give up their dreams but this very ritual, the daily practices, it is what keeps them going. These trips are what they look forward to. They look forward to the happiness in the eyes of their loved ones. This is the reward they envision which always falls short of their selfless service. They are the withered autumn, living their monotonous lives and yet the agents smiling wide all through our upbringing. To all the fathers, Our Imminent Idols, Happy Father’s Day!

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