Whispers -II

Ever mused what makes you human apart from the humane aspect of you?

That you can feel.

Really deep.

That you can think.

Really rich.

That you can bring a change.

Really real.

As we come to the last bead of these pearl of posts, we sincerely hope that all of you out there have got just that extra splurge of courage to be that humane harbinger of change that our world is waiting for. Today, we present before you, the victorious triad of our event , ‘Think Out Aloud’ ; The podium finishers, the most distinguished pieces, par excellence:

Signing off with the exquisite yet lasting musings of Samberdhana, Gaurav Deep and Suchismita Sarkar.




Design credits: Aishwarya Priya and Soutik Mukherjee.

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