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Whirpool of Emotions


I forget the English meaning of the entities IZZAT, AABROO,DAYRA,PURDAH.

I forget the Urdu meaning of the entities HONOUR,FAME,VEILED,PURE

I see triumph in my mother’s eyes as I make my way to college

Modernization engulfs me, transforms me, bewitches me

I forget my teachings, shattering the rejoice in her eyes



white stone or what the west calls it, the white marble

PURDAH or what the west calls it slavery

SHOES or what the west calls it mocassins

IZZAT or what the west calls it liberty

Oh! stupid girl, many of your clan don’t get this far

You are ungrateful, you shame us, you are non-existent, a question mark, whose hollow hides your black deeds

The question mark straightens to exclamation,

The plateau to plains,

Oh, the deeds unveiled, scattered, ruined, smashed, DEMOLISHES you!

the worth of innumerable pieces,


I see water, fill the crevices, of those innumerable pieces

Ah!the mercy of the dilute,

The buoyant pieces, the weight of the deeds,

Clings, chokes, grasps

Until the buoyants, devours my brain,

And I can no longer reason , the syllables of sympathy tangles up like a dyslexic child’s essay.My throat becomes an ocean due of the tsunami.

My heart waiting to be crumpled, it’s wings chopped, wailing in tireless agony like a hurt deer

And when the heart goes out of reason, the brain TAKES OVER THE TERRITORY

Lulls to sleep!

The BUOYANTS Vanished, disappeared!

The PURE shatters!

Uzma Aliya

#Excpectation #Contemplation #Struggle #Liberty #Blankverse #Personification #Turmoil #Society #Customs #Sentiments

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