We all are and have been victims of some spine-chilling incidents in our lives, Yes, I say all; all under the skies. It’s been quite late to realise – It was this episode that, though brought elixir in the eyes, But is also that, which has been the crux of our personalities, Outlandish, yes, it may seem to scrounge for gold in tales like these.

While being a victim, maybe, we didn’t have a choice, But to not lead a victimised life is definitely a choice. One that might take a toll, but still a choice. A transformation perking up the age-long feeble voice. To be born out of the ashes just like the Phoenix does,

The Phoenix would be thee, To be fostered into someone we always craved to be, It required this little storm we knew nothing about, knew nothing of its scale; Though, we dreamt of the same transformation, but via a smooth sail.

But did a smooth sea ever a make a good sailor? The only bit worth it- did the episode culture? Culture us into someone we were not, but wanted to be? Did it make us our life’s tailor? Such stories, such episodes will pop-up, Will at times offend, will teach us to bend, Do you know when they’ll end? Only when we don’t end.

– Muskan Gupta