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There she was struggling with how to comfort her heart, which has been stabbed many times both from front and back, but instead of blood gushing, it was sadness she was soaked with and depression trying to strangle her with its gloomy hands, and there was she, alone, struggling to heal that wound.

Struggling to fill that void.

There she was fighting, for her emotions that can anytime submerge in ocean of sorrow, to be able to give slight tinge of glee to her soul which was slowly forgetting the feeling of happiness. And she finally found the answer. The precise way to fight back and to win.

She got her solution in a pen and an empty paper which were waiting patiently, to be touched by her obscurity waiting for her to bleed her depression out to repaint her soul, not with just joy but with self satisfaction and comfort which were ceased from her heart. So, she wrote her gloom down, scribbled about the glee she longed, scrawled about how a pen made her believe that, we are the author of our life and we can change it anytime we want and these verses are the proof.

-Aditya Jha

#Wound #Verses #Happiness #Poem #Paper #Struggle #English #Fight #Life #Depression #Glee #Strangle #Pen #Comfort #Void #Gloom

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