Summer is here.

Mellow evenings and sleepless nights,

A gentle breeze wafts through my hair.

And suddenly, a faint voice is heard.

I delve into the subconscious.

And discover.

The breeze speaks.

It whispers in my ears,

“A revolution is coming”,

It speaks of the revolution,

The one that is always kept under wraps,

The one that always seems so imminent,

Yet is always pushed so far away.

It pushes me a step forward.

A tired, lonely soul searching for a drop of respite to quench the thirst emanating from the core.

What revolution you ask?

Everyone knows, yet ignores.

They speak of it in hushed tones.

Yet it keeps on gathering strength.

The summer is their overlord, their sultan.

And now.

I am a follower.

The night stretches on.

The lights go out.

And the show starts.

The breeze, the gentle breeze drafts its plot.

It is time.

-Debarun Sarbabidya

#Freeverse #revolution #summer #Life #Night