He touched her perfectly carved body

She held him tight when he kissed her lips

A stunningly endowed girl,

She could incarcerate anyone in the cage of her beauty,

But it was she who was captive this time.

She found herself falling for him with every caress

His body was pasture to her gleaming eyes

She found pure joy in his body, in his heart

The warmth of his breath,

Poisonous yet sweet, on her bosom

Made her surrender.

She found the epitome of happiness in the embracings,

Embracings of the unclothed bodies

And souls which were unbodied.

And as they made love

she found her passion for him increasing;

She felt their souls exchanging.

It was virgin love for one but guiltless lust for the other.

Shivani Dasgupta

#Love #Erotica #Passion #ecstasy #Romance #Blankverse #Lust