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Their Love, A Metaphor

He stands there

At the window where he spent most of his childhood,

Staring at the Rapunzel of his dreams;

She tightens her grip on her window pane,

Gazing at the beauty in the stars,

The twinkle in her eyes and the tears saying a story;

He stares at the only person that ever mattered,

A guitar in hand and his perfectly fake smile,

The pain scattered through his voice,

As he sings ‘their’ song;

She listens to every word like it was her only saving grace,

The wedding gown feels heavy now,

The ring with his best friends name on it is choking her

Dreading the life ahead,

She shuts the window and with that, a possible happily ever after;

Their love

It was a metaphor

And without each other, they were a shell of their personalities,

Empty and disoriented, broken and flimsy

Their love unrequited at every stage;

Their curse being living alone

And being swept off alone by the demons of death,

So as she slept that night

With his thought in her mind,

And her responsibilities squeezing her heart,

Cause it is not always that love conquers all

And it is perfectly fine if that is so…

-Shristi Binwani

#Love #Poem #Romance #Blankverse #Life

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