The Parent-Teacher Meet

As this dirty bus cuts in through the cold narrow lanes,

I have nothing to do but to stare at the so-called nature’s place.

The winter is good, but why does it try to force the poor tree out of the snow?

Ahh, a tree, without a single leaf or a bud, it knows, no result would the effort sow.

I hate that I remember, people in summers water their plants day after day,

Aren’t they aware the summer sun sucks those plants and spoils their play?

The bus is ridiculously ugly, the driver and the ticket man still have their party here,

I don’t understand the world and the fun in doing stupid and still act so clear.

We’re going to my parent-teacher’s meet, and my teacher teaches us so good etiquette,

And this father of mine on the right, my parent, chewing tobacco, smelling bad with all the sweat.

Disdain, I, such people and my body trembles out of anger when I see such junk,

Trillion times I begged my mother to come, but she gave the same illusionary smile and sent this drunk.

This world is a big piece of shit, with all insensible element, I bet, it would go no far,

And as I throw the Rubik’s cube in my hand, I’ve been trying to solve for more than an hour,

He picks it up and puts his palm over mine and gives a sympathetic smile,

I take my hand off the dirt and say, I’m already 10, and I’m not anymore a child.

The bus suddenly slows and stops, waiting for the crossing rail,

He gets up to the foggy window, side to me, and writes ‘You did not fail’.

My eyes filled with tears of shame and anger, when I felt he was mocking my report card,

But he smiled widely, and made a move and another two and the Rubik’s cube was done.

I was shocked and I couldn’t acknowledge what just happened,

My brows shrunk and I couldn’t realize the path to these undestined waiting tears.

Why is he smiling that way, looking at me?

Why does he hold my hands and console?

As I wipe and weep, to the wandering mind something calls,

And as I wipe and look through the window, the shivering tree laughs,

To the left as I gawk, the Sun waves and the lady, watering, smiles,

Like a wild dream, as it happens, I try to understand,

I did not fail, I won’t, and I may be only three moves away,

The ticket guy comes to us, and as I look, he too smiles at me,

I bend down in bewilderment and shut my eyes with my palms,

I realize, all these are the answers to a question I can’t remind myself of.


Or is this what it really means, all the times, mother says ‘I love you’ and smiles?

Is this all love that’s binding?

As I look at my father, into his eyes, I realize, yes, they speak the same.

I cry now, I found the destiny of my tears.

I won’t wipe now.

NS Ranjan

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