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The Lego Story

Pencils scattered on the bathroom floor,

It’s a dirty world

Thoughts, hidden behind closed doors,

True feelings are blurred

Taking time, I’m fine I’m fine

I’ve never passed out before

Empty rum bottles, stinking bedsheets

This time it’s me on the bathroom floor

Pick me up, or maybe don’t

I’ve lived too much on pity

I’ll crawl my way back to my bed,

And someday back to my city.

Red eyes, tears caged

Empty gazes, smiles staged

Do you know a crying shadow?

Sorry sorry, I’m beginning to worry

It’s much too much truth at once

Second thoughts, vodka shots

A pack of Marlboro for lunch

I’m a nobody I’m allowed mistakes

I’m a nobody, I said

I’ll find my way to my city tomorrow

But right now I need to find my bed.

Debarun Sarbabidya

#Gloom #grief #Sad #Sadness

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