The fault in ̶ ̶O̶u̶r̶… My stars

Lying down with sky roofing me I saw stars twinkling As if winking at each other Whirl gigging in their open secret affair Reminding me of someone

I started to spun stars To weave a story of mine And there was my framed constellation portraiting that someone-Him

Dusk was drenching darkness making me wet and cold in my very reality. Blanketing my thoughts of Him I flamed every flashing memory I ever had.

Flames to fire of every desire just rose higher and higher like waves on full moon night Washing the sky clear in burning sighs and even more colder

They say that the dawn has arrived But it was a clean slate for me My canvas has lost all shades now even the dark ones.

So, my story is all gone

For its ending was not meant to end But to wander like a lonely and heavy cloud Though we did collide He and I were never meant to coincide Maybe that’s the fault in OUR stars Maybe that’s the fault in MY stars Maybe…

–  Samberdhana Sandeep