Thank God Vodka And Water Are Of Same Color!

I were at my cousin’s wedding when this happened. It was some pre-wedding function hosted by the groom’s side and we were guests. So I was here surrounded by people who were repeatedly pulling my cheeks and enlightening me about the fact that I had grown up. And all I had to do was to smile back. Relatives can be such a pain sometimes. The ordeal was almost drilling the last nail in my coffin when I saw her. She looked equally uninterested. I had never noticed that girl in any of the previous ceremonies, so I called my newly made friend from the groom’s side to inquire. I was told that she had only arrived that day and was a distant relative who had come with her mother. The mother was nowhere to be seen so I found a vacancy for myself in the scene. I walked up to her with a glass of coke to offer. The offer was turned down but my company was not.

“It sucks here!” she said, “Let’s go somewhere else.”

“I don’t know a place here, do you?”

“On the other side of the road, you see? That’s another wedding and they have that section too where they’re serving something better than your coke.”

“What if someone finds out?”

“I hope someone finds out”, she said.

A few minutes later my mother found me drunk as I fell off the balance around her with a glass of vodka in my hand. A few more relatives gathered and they tried to create a scene. Then the girl came around clapping, telling everyone that I was acting for her prank and the glass only had water. Everybody started laughing, many even smelt the glass but it was only water. Crowd dispersed but my mother still annoyed, walked away. But wait, did anyone check the bottle I had in my hand? They missed the real deal. We did sneak the vodka into the party and even made some secret cocktails for the guests. Didn’t affect some of my relatives though, they are always as stupid as drunk!

Shrey Dubey

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