On Playing Fair in the World of Today

‘You’re naïve. It doesn’t work.’ That’s what they’ll say.

When you tell them you’re playing fair, in the world of today.

It’s not easy, oh not at all. I don’t need to tell you that.

You’ve seen it first-hand-

Quality becoming cripple when you see those who abstain.

In all their comfort and ease.

And without ridicule too.

For so commonplace it is, what you practice seems unnatural in front of it.

Ironically, they get the bragging rights.

You console yourself by saying their success doesn’t matter, ‘coz it’s undeserved.

Face it, it does. And any explanation you wish to give is to the world but a jealous rebuttal.

Results seldom cite methods.

You watch them move ahead with your rule in absentia, from the backseat it bought you,

And you watch it more and more and more,

Until you are not sure that you want to be the good guy anymore.

Despite all this, there’s a perk through,

When you get there, if you do,

There will be no soul who can question it.

Especially the one your body came bundled with.

Shivam Kumar

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