(not)The end


So, your results just came, you were expecting them to be bad but they were worse. Maybe you didn’t get the grades you hoped for, maybe you flunked some subjects or perhaps your pointer can be counted on the fingers of your left hand. You miss your home, have lost a lot of weight. You are sad most of the time and your hairline is receding. (Actually the last one might have something to do with the water supply. Please don’t ignore it, trust me on that one.)

Well, don’t worry. Do you know the guy who got the highest package like ever had 3 backlogs and a GPA of 4.98? Ok, now that’s a total lie I am afraid but if you’ve got time to read this, you have time to work hard. It’s never too late (I’ll get them next time papa, trust me). Unless it’s your last semester, then it might be too late (Oh…).

So cheer up! Find a hobby, join a club! Learn a new instrument, start dancing, write something, construct something, code, act, study. The world hasn’t ended yet, there’s still some time for that. If you follow a religion, trust your god. If you are an nihilistic atheist, who believes that this world and everything in it is meaningless, well what can I say, we all die alone.

So be happy, enjoy your time here. You’ll miss it one day. Try making as many friends as possible, anything can bring a smile over someone’s face like wishing them a happy birthday or leaving a like at their profile picture (hint), love your parents, brush your teeth before going to bed, try to get in a relationship (if possible, only then). And most importantly, if your hair loss is severe, try to wash your hair as little as possible and visit a trichologist.


—Deepansh Bhargava