I ran home from college. Moving into a new place, new people but surprisingly having your childhood crush in the same college; a new world and the old unforgettable love. Nothing can be worse than looking your worst on the first day and then running into that one guy who you always dream about and blurting out stupid things in front of him out of nervousness. I looked at myself in the mirror and wished I had done this earlier, what was I thinking when I said that; taking a second look at the antique mirror the next thought was what was my mother thinking. This was only for a few second and broke down to tears. “Why did today happen, I wish I had no today”, I screamed at my reflection and then that thing happened, the most incredible thing. The mirror had a beautiful purple glow. It was so gorgeous and bright. I put my hand forward to touch it and I got the shock of my life, my hand went through the mirror. I felt something pulling me in and the next thing I knew was I was on the bed. I looked around frantically when my mother came in. “Are you okay? It’s the first day of college and you look more tensed than excited”, she said worriedly. “Just a bad dream”, I looked at her and smiled, a smile which was more to myself. I ran to the mirror as soon as my mother left and kissed it. The thought of having a mirror that could take me back in time, let me relive all the good moments, correct the horrible ones, having a perfect life, made my day, the “today”. I wore my best clothes, looked my best. Then the day in college began. I ran into him just like I did that day, but he looked at me this time and I could see him smile, pleased about the fact that he ran into me. He complimented me on how I looked and we ended up fixing a day when we would meet and hang out together. This was the most amazing conversation ever. The rest of the day in college, the place I dreaded to go back to, was excellent. The day was just perfect. I ran back home and looked at myself in the mirror and could not stop smiling. I had the most magical thing in my life. From that day onwards every day was wonderful. My childhood love and I were now a couple. If anything went wrong the mirror would save me and take me back to the day, and let me make things right. Just an “I wish” and the mirror with its gorgeous purple glow let me correct it. A few years passed. I always had my little secret, the mirror with me. College was over. I now had a job and a happy life with him as my husband. We lived in the same city as my parents. It was a life all I had dreamt of. It was a day before my birthday when I got a call from my mother. She was crying my father was no more. He was suffering from cancer but he chose not to tell me. I was so busy with myself and my perfect life that I forgot I was a mirror for someone else too; a source of happiness. I drove to my mother’s house. My father was the person I was closest to and the thought of him not being around me killed me. He was my hero, my mentor, my inspiration. I left her with my dad’s body and my husband. I drove to my house. Sobbing and weeping I stood in front of the mirror and wished my dad never ever died, but this time the purple ray of hope let me down. It did shine and glow but nothing pulled me into it. I was again screaming at my reflection, “why did today happen, I wish I had no today” I cried. And then there was the purple glow again I was again pulled in and I found myself at my mother’s house, in the bathroom. I washed my face and ran out. I saw my dad talking to my husband. I hugged him tightly. From that day till the day he breathed his last breath I spent every minute making him smile. The mirror made my life more than perfect, it taught me the importance of spending time with the people you love. Death is something no magic nothing can overcome, instead of waiting until the end starts from the beginning. Today with wrinkles on my face when I look at myself in the mirror “I wish “ is not what I say “Thank you for the magical life my magic mirror” is all that I say.

Shivani Dasgupta

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