“You know what? You are my source of joy. I fall for you everyday. You are my rainbow after the rains. You bring me peace. You make me aware of my presence. You complete me like no one else does.

Your voice has the power to cause a stir inside me. It hits my heart hard just as sea waves hit the shore. Your smile is like ripples of mirth, that often fill my mind with seamless bliss.

Your hair depicts the starless night: dark, yet so calm, beautiful, and serene. A night in which one wants to wander aimlessly, ready to be lost; a night so stark.

Your face appears like a moon residing in that pacific night. A moon that is without any blemishes, immaculate. Flawless is the word that may describe your beauty but genuinely, a word worthy to describe you is yet to be discovered.

Your eyes are like mirrors. Believe me, they are my favourite mirrors and I wish one day I could see myself in them. Your eyes reflect your inner beauty. Your eyes have that sparkle that claim your innocence. Diamonds may fail to draw my attention, but never would your beautiful eyes.

Your gait makes you more elegant. For me, you always stand out from the crowd.

If you were a song, I would never get exhausted of listening it. If you were a book, I would never get tired of reading it over and over again. If you were a painting, I would never get bored seeing it all day long. You are my favourite of everything. In fact, you seem to be my everything. May I, by any chance, be your Something?”

As soon as she read the letter, she gave out the most beautiful smile ever.

Hidden, he had been watching her read. He fell in love with her again, like every other day.

Harshit Joshi

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