It’s Your Hand in the Dark

The stairs to a never-ending well

Whose fortune your guardianship will tell

That a key to my rusted heart

Will release the twin door of deterrent apart

A catastrophe had left the land austere in will

The hard-boiled demon will go for a kill

Of what is left in my already lost treasure

Yet seeing your smile amidst all of it is a pleasure

The hex of my doomed life took my soul away

With despair and ignorance drowning me in a sway

When I saw your hand pulling me out with hope

I just knew that now this mount of misery could be conquered with scope

The strings of my electric guitar broke free

And went entwining around the roots of your insight’s tree

The black and whites of the rainbow came back

Your skills told me how to go against inanity’s attack

You taught me when the world was dead

Colouring the learner within me red

Your devotion was what I fell for

Even though I let you down you could never abhor

The thorns of the roses went back

I could see where I lack

Even though I was never the best

You took me different than the rest

Your knowledge was brighter than the light

It gave my blind instincts the immortal sight

Wiping my tears when I cried

I learned from you that I can win if I tried

I was born again when I met you

To follow you till the top, you were there to drop a clue

The sanity of my mind was back to its heels

I wish to tell you how blessed I feel

That I got a chance to be taught by someone divine

Now the land of myself was identified as truly mine

I am no one

To describe ‘bout you

But remember me as someone

Whom you’d given your love too

Let’s not count the distance destiny has brought between us

The separation we face is also nothing to fuss

Coz as long as I’ll walk on the path of wisdom

I’ll be bound to your kingdom

We’ll never leave each other’s hand

Till we get the call of the Lord

We’re tied together by the student-teachers band

Stronger than the life’s cord

Of all the might He sent down

You’re the one I found

Serene of all the pallid and peace

A place where I could rest with ease

Thus I only wish to say-

Your hands qualified me as a unique letter

And hence pursued my soul to be better.

–  Apurva

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