Home? Maybe once

Home? You call this home?

A place where we hardly talk

Walls are there between rooms

And between us too, away from we part ways

Home? You call this home?

Tokens of love, once which were adored every day

Now lie on the table to witness our silence in silence

The chandelier in the drawing-room

Knows how fake a life we live in gatherings

Yes, this was once a home.

When we used to talk for hours at the balcony

While looking towards the lighted up the outer world

Now the balcony is there and the world is still lighted up

But nice we, alone look for motivation in it.

Yes, this was once a home,

When we used to think corners were useless.

Now they are my support when I break.

Now we live our lives happily –

After closing our respective doors.

Maybe our mobile screens are brighter than our once home

Lights are there still its dark

Once painted together, walls with vibrant colors are still there but it’s dull now

Maybe because our togetherness wiped out.

To people who see from outside,

It’s our home,

Sadly it’s ours but not a home,

A place where two people are residing.

-Aparupa Saha