Fire In The Sea

His sunken eyes, his ruffled hair, and twilight in the sky,

Had been so, unchanged, for overlong;

The day was long gone, the night was approaching fast,

But he wasn’t scared, because he was the scariest of all.

Chime after chime he had withered, unattended;

Dust upon dust had gathered on his sleeve;

Sitting lonely by the fizzling fire in the grate,

Memory after memory he had torn out and bled.

A long time ago his life swirled in bright hues,

And his thoughts would prance about like a young lad,

Drawing pleasure from the wild, with sparkling eyes;

But the wild grew wilder, engulfed the sparkle.

And he, too, took the wild in his stride,

Because he couldn’t put out the fire inside,

And burned himself down in pursuit of an answer,

Why had God decreed to put him to this test?

The cool wind would blow to hold his temper down,

But he would let it soar, unarrested, free;

The sea would hum music to soothe his soul,

But he would stab it dead with the fire raging within.

At nightfall, his silhouette floated towards the sea,

Not once did he think that the sun would dawn again;

And as the disintegrating waves washed his feet,

He lost himself in the infinite moonlit waters.

Tenderly the sea drowned his brimming tears,

Tenderly the sea wiped away his grief,

Tenderly the sea let his body descend,

And tenderly the sea delivered him to God.

Tanmay Sinha

#Quit #Descent #Death #Oblivion #Blankverse #Despair #Lost #Twilight #Sadness