Bangalore Days!

I was in Bangalore for my summer internship this year. Thrilled as I was having heard so much about the city, it has beautiful weather, the software industry and the nurturing ground it is for budding entrepreneurs, I was more than keen to making some real impact by writing code. However, no one ever bothered to tell me the traffic woes prevalent there.

So, I landed in Bangalore just two days after my end semester examinations had finished in college and this very thing served me the motivation after having lost interest in the curriculum completely by this time.

Corporate life was waiting with open hands and there I was hoping to make the most of my stay. Reaching the airport and finding an SUV waiting to receive me in an alien city was elating. The satisfaction you feel when you are out there on your own without friends and family and trying to make yourself count is immense.

Fast forward an hour’s drive from the airport, I found myself glaring outside the balcony of my apartment on the 10th level at Brigade Gateway and feeling all the more ecstatic and blessed. In the meantime, I was joined by co-interns from BIT and various colleges pan India. The 2 month roller-coaster ride had begun and I could not wait to fasten my seat belts and roar.

From receiving a warm welcome on Day 1 in office to meeting my team and trying my hands out in the gaming facility in the office, from draining unlimited cups of latte and hot chocolate to doing some productive work paved way for one day after another and it was the end of Week 2 when I was expected to find an accommodation on my own. I also had to digest the fact that my team was relocating from the towering World Trade Center to another office space on the other end of the city where I would be without my college mates.

As luck would have it, there I was with the best Tamil-Brahmin I had only read about in novels and we shared an apartment at the very own Alpine Eco. He was working in the same company where I was interning at. Two of his friends from IIM Trichy were also interning in Bangalore and staying with him for a week and I was more than delighted to be at the receiving end of a cultural and academic exchange of this sort. Now, I do not want to brag about it but the society had a swimming pool, clubhouse including gym, tennis and basketball courts and not to forget the wonderful people.

I tell you the days that followed were more like how the rest of the life is going to be.

The work-culture is pretty engaging at Amazon and what you do there in nine weeks is something you cannot imagine doing anywhere else. A steep learning curve and the fact that there is always so much to learn from smarter people around keeps one grounded. I can go all about my experience but I won’t be “deep-diving” into the same. (For NonAmazonians, deep-dive is a leadership principle there which has to be followed religiously. Think I flunked in the same. )

I sensed almost every emotion that was on offer and I tried to live each moment thereafter.

I could remember my time when I played cricket and other games in my apartment back home with friends and now I could see kids doing the same when I returned late from office.

Getting milk in the morning from the nearby store to watching young couples dropping their kids in the school bus, men and women leaving for work to elderly people taking a stroll in the garden made me feel lucky that I still had an year of college left in me. All these incidents left a lasting impact this time though they appeared a common sight while I was in school.

Managing the cook and the maid in the apartment, boiling milk and packing my tiffin for office everyday added with shopping for the groceries for the coming week gave me the sense of responsibility that I had never experienced before.

I went for an internship but I came back with a glimpse of what future had in store for me. It taught me how ordinary and monotonous life will be at one stage if I do not do what I really want to do. The best part of this amazing journey remains the realization that dreams are something one should see and chase until the end. Dreams are worth dying for.

I hope one day I am at the place I have always dreamt to be.

Thanks to everyone whom I had met in Bangalore for making this a worthwhile experience.

I also had a perfect conclusion to this journey watching Bangalore Days on my flight back to Patna.

Krishna Rathi

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