It was month of October,

When leaves of autumn adorned the roads,

And in between those beautiful golden lanes

My eyes stumbled upon her.

She sitting on the bench,

As if contemplating about her life

Looking all engrossed in thoughts of another world,

Made a quick eye contact and looked away

completely ignoring my existence,

And my eyes

Capturing every detail of her face

Tripping over tiny bumps of her cheeks

Giving rise to a conflict between heart and brain,

Between the urge to talk to her and move ahead

But me being a man of logic

Walked ahead having all her particulars in memory

And also the urge to move back

And grasp her thoughts,

Undress them with my love,

Hold them with my trust,

Handle them with my care

And know her secrets and to unveil

The demons she was hiding,

From this world from which she seemed scared of.

To tell her about the way

Her silky hair gorgeously embellished her face,

And how her eyes have charmed my soul,

And how I was captivated by her serene frown,

And how badly

I wanted her to smile,

But I moved ahead keeping this

Love at first sight in my memories.

And now whenever I come across those lanes

I reminisce that day,

Wishing her to be seated in that same bench

So that I can make my first move

And break this endless shrieks of my regrets.

Aditya Jha

#Love #Reminiscence #Romance #Blankverse #Memories #Autumn