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And then their eyes met…

And then their eyes met, And everything was said, Yet not a word escaped their mouths. Slowly, they came in close. His hands on her graceful waist, Pulling her, Like the horizon embracing the sun. Intoxicated he was, by her fragrance Like the fresh breeze of the ocean. Their bodies touched, And all stood still. The warmth of her was so soothing, Yet so exciting. He looked at her face, Her dark brown eyes reflecting her desire. He touched her lips, soft like petals, He moved his fingers down, Slowly, as she trembled, For even his touch made her ecstatic. How they wished for time to stand still!

He leant in, so did she.

Their lips met, Feeling the tenderness. He was tough, Yet his touch was gentle, She was gentle, Yet her touch so warm. The clouds rejoiced at their union, The winds sang the song of their love. And what happened next is just a story told…


#Love #Passion #ecstasy #Romance #Blankverse

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