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And just like that

And just like that You are gone, Gone with the wind Silently passing by With a deep sigh With a sensation Of an unblemished Petrichor.

And just like that You are the wish That dawns upon me In my sleep Sweeping right beside My ears, Giving a tickling sensation That gives birth To an unfounded warmth.

And just like that You are the eager feeling That makes my heart Flutter, Making me conscious And confused. An unknown presence Wanted to be felt. A stranger wanting to pass by Unnoticed And yet to leave an Everlasting Impression.

And just like that You ran away Leaving me scandalized Forsaken, on my own. But this pain, Gives me a melancholic pleasure To feel you again The mere presence Which comes back every time I close my eyes.

And just like that You are the smoke That makes the vision hazy Chokes you, As it burns down the throat And yet gives you pleasure Creates oblivion, But stays as an ache Deep down in that cold heart Which surfaces every time The smoke clears away.

And just like that You are the lonely hut Beyond those fields With that lonely scarecrow Staring at the blank space A longing, For someone to come back Through those old Broken, creaky doors. The hope of hearing Those retreating footsteps And the sound of cheers again.

And just like that You are that distant sky Full of stars Full of hope And yet so far. That shimmering black blanket That makes you feel protected A strange oath Echoing from the heavens above. That makes you believe But still leaves you with A pang of fear and pain.

Pamela Saha

#Heart #Dejected #Heartbreak #Poem #Blue #Despondent #Romance #English #Blankverse #Despair #Incomplete #Fall

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