An incomplete love story

He was reckless, a traveller of an endless journey. She- the synonym of serenity and tranquillity. She saw him and fell in love but never let him know Because she knew he craved for someone else. Like everybody else she too was afraid of unrequited love. Every day she used to peep at him through her mask, He was unaware of the affection he was receiving. But suddenly after a fortnight it became irresistible for her, And she finally threw open her mask. He saw her and was awestruck by her divine and captivating beauty. He instantly got attracted towards her And leapt high just to feel her once. But failed… he leapt high and high the whole night but failed again and again. And the next morning a sudden realisation dawned on her that their being together wasn’t destined. She gave up her hopes and again put on her mask, And he, he went on his journey again. And since then this fortnight meeting continued forever and they became friends. Some stories are beautiful incomplete, Like the one of the moon and the sea. The moon was happy to see the sea and the sky together. “The sea looks even more beautiful on a moonlit night”, they complimented. What an irony! The moon is an integral part of the sea’s life. Without her, he has no activity, And they together define what we call as friendship.

Ayusha Paul

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