An Enigmatic Voyage

Beyond the notion of infinite,

Reciting the tales of Aphrodite.

Deep into labyrinth of dreams,

The Past where Grim Reaper screams.

Into the cosmos and star dust,

Wrapped up in love and lust.

Truth where staggers and cries,

The fire that burns your seeking eyes.

When the alluring temptress sings,

Never reckon it to be the spring.

When the qualm sets thy soul as dart,

Dance on the rhythm of thy beating heart.

When you stumble and get lost,

Smile on and hold the scotch.

For you’ve come alive so far,

Wash out those bleeding scars.

Forget about the fuming foes,

March towards Nova that glows.

Remember when it grows pitch dark,

Reminisce about thy chirping lark.

Sukanya Shukla

#Voyage #Enigma #Fantasy #Life #Rhythm #Rhyme #Travel