It had been the darkest and the brightest night: Waves of screams had rippled through the gloom, Groans of ecstasy had echoed off the walls; She had undone the done, and done the undone; But never did she suspect that the childish cry Muffled with the pleas of his pale-faced mother Would echo off the walls, like the groans of ecstasy-

Two forms through which she had sliced her dagger Stood in the doorway, or peeked in through the window, Called out her name in a low, cold hiss, As the larger form’s husband slept by her side, As the smaller form’s father lay lost in dreams; They squinted at her like a pair of Gorgons, Beckoned her to their side- she shut her eyes-

Spiralling in the darkness that was her mind, Their images flashed before her eyes; The blood on her hand trickled down their faces; And they called her name again, called her out loud: Surrendering to torture, she bounded towards the river, Dived down to the bed with pockets full of stones- And to avenge their lost love, they showed them- again!

Tanmay Sinha

#Echoes #Contemplation #Guilt #Forgiveness #Night #Memories #Culpability #Remorse #Dark #Gloom