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A Dance With Her

“Now, I welcome to the stage the Lady in the front”, the host said,

With cheerful smiles as she rose, clapped the bright and rich audience.

Onto the stage she went, joined her palms in respect and smiled,

And gently said, “I would like to call my husband to accompany me”.

She came down giving a charming smile but the husband was shocked,

Though reluctance pulled him back, her hand took him to the stage.

The host cleared and they stood in the utter silence facing the audience,

While she was smiling from within, he stood startled creating a smile.

Statt! Statt! Statt!

The lights were switched off and a profound circular beam focused,

As the bright and rich audience clapped, the husband silently muttered.

“Why are you doing this to me? This should be only your performance”,

“Be quiet, I wanted to do this, please be a good boy, only for me. ”

As the bright bow slid over the strings of the violin, they came closer,

The silent bells rang pleasantly and they both held their hands together.

Ogling at his ambivalence as she moved with music, he parried the moment,

“You know I can’t dance, if this is a game you’re playing then please ..”,

Holding his jaw she turned his face towards her and with an amorous glance,

“The music has started, look into my eyes and move your legs like I do”.

He gazed at her and as they put hands on each other’s waists, he sighed,

“I’m doing it but I’m sure it won’t look good to them, I’m embarrassing you”.

Under her sylphlike feet as his feet wrongly fell, he suddenly slipped,

She caught his hands tightly and pulled him back as he looked annoyed.

“See! I saved you”, she chuckled, the positions and ambience regained,

“We should stop now? You hear them? They are all laughing”.

Enveloped in the melodious aura of music, as the winsome lights glided,

Never blinking her eyes, she rejoiced the pleasure of his presence

like she owned the seconds and their bond from the world secluded,

He bent and whispered to her, when she asked about his inconvenience.

“Look at yourself, you look so pretty and svelte, you’re dancing so good,

I can’t even place my hands properly, you know nothing about the world,

They’ll disdain this dark person as husband to a beautiful princess like you,

They hate the way I look, I dress, I dance, they’ll mock at me, may be you too.”

As his depressed voice slowly reached her ears, he raised his head,

A river of love and affection was waiting at her eyes to slowly shred,

His innocent eyes widened as the drops of love quivered for a while,

She giggled at his remark and the river flew down to hug her smile.

Into the eyes behind the river they entered a world only she could see,

Where is now only a single soul seeking love from itself and never flee,

They whirled, curled and danced and the love amidst forever it smite,

Closer he pulled her, the oeillade shared love and they hugged tight.

May be it was a day or a night, may be their eyes remained open or close,

But the love he touched within her, taught intense lessons never composed,

May be the audience clapped or didn’t, may be world died or time still flows,

But the light of love she lit in his heart, forever for her immortality glows.

NS Ranjan

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