L O S T? Or stranded in this vast space. S P A C E? Feels empty sometimes, As if someone has forcefully carved out the middle, Unbothered about the rest. V A C U U M, No matter how much you scream and you shout, No one would hear or bother to.

What if the cut out portion can be shaped like pieces of a Jigsaw-puzzle, The hollow space can be filled ; By joining the pieces together one by one? Like, lending a hand forward to somebody And allowing them to share their fears While you let open the gates of your bound field To allow the air to come within and your voice to be heard.

Sunsets are beautiful, Maybe because they are temporary, They allow us to fantasize about a world That we wish would exist Suddenly puts us back into the harsh reality. Maybe it’s because we are used to watching sunsets daily. But at times temporary isn’t necessarily beautiful. We are familiar to things which we face; Go through on a daily basis; Hesitant to some abrupt changes. Silence is temporary, its effects aren’t; They kill a person bit by bit, day by day. You might not understand, Almost like a demon eating up the carcass in a slow manner. By the time you realize, you’re somewhere out of reach.

Be no silent amidst the blabber. Open your windows of acceptance And let wounds fly through them and souls heal.

-Sayani Das